A New Approach to Dark Fiber

XKL, a leading optical network solutions provider, today announces a new integrated offering for its DarkStar line of DWDM products. DarkStar muxponders can now offer fully integrated Mux/Demux filters, EDFAs (Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers) and OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometers), reimagining long-standing network procurement, management and expansion protocols to create easier, more cost-effective, built-to-order results. XKL’s Darkstar products are deliverable within a 1U or 2U configuration based on individual requirements — with no hidden licensing fees.

With these innovative new configuration options, XKL dramatically reduces CAPEX expenditures for ISPs, data centers and organizations of any size. Furthermore, this ability to combine and configure solutions that closely align with customer needs enhances ease across network procurement, deployment, management and future growth. These advantages, unique to XKL, ensure network engineers get exactly what they need and nothing they don’t — putting the choice and control back in the hands of the operators with a network solution that is truly built to meet individual business requirements.

Traditionally, when customers need to add additional filters, amplifiers or other components to their optical muxponder or transponder systems, they are met with a range of challenges. Either providers don’t have those capabilities, require the customer to architect those upgrades themselves or charge the customer for a la carte integrations. These conventional procurement methods can be prohibitive to small and mid-sized organizations that struggle to keep costs low, require additional expertise or want to avoid unnecessary features.

With this product, XKL offers customers fully integrated and easily expandable options with no licensing fees — all backed by collaborative, consultative support. When a customer needs to expand, additional transponders or muxponders can be plugged into the existing system instead of adding amplifiers or new filter packs, making growth easy. These offerings are also stackable and compact to deliver strong optical networking results with less equipment to manage over a smaller footprint, delivering greater control, power usage efficiency and ease of use on a cost-sensitive business model.

“This improvement removes barriers that organizations typically face when expanding their DWDM networks. For example, before this integration, customers were required to run an optical muxponder and a mux/demux amplification system separately. Now, customers simply need to acquire XKL’s optical muxponder to get the same results, unlocking significant advantages for ease of operation, scalability and more,” comments Chad Lamb, Chief Systems Architect for XKL. “Of course, we still allow customers to run their network items separately for more filter and amplifier flexibility. But that underscores exactly what this new offering is about: choice — and the customer’s right to get exactly what they need without being forced into one-size-fits-all frameworks. We’re directly empowering businesses of all shapes and sizes to build more robust optical network solutions for their individual futures.”

XKL has been delivering 30+ years of powerful optical networking solutions, putting its industry-leading experience and consultative care to work for the full spectrum of customers’ advanced requirements. With a focus on delivering the very best of open, easy-to-use, built-to-order and cost-effective DWDM technology systems, XKL is known for helping a wide variety of organizations open new digital doors and leverage game-changing fiber optic networking solutions.

XKL will be onsite at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, held October 16-19 in Denver, Colorado, at Booth #550. The company will also attend NANOG 89 in San Diego on October 16-18.

Click here to request an onsite meeting at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, or reach out here: customersolutions@xkl.com

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About XKL

XKL helps customers expand and reimagine their optical networks, empowering organizations with easy-to-use, cost-efficient, built-to-order, and open DWDM solutions. Backed by a proven customer-centric, consultative approach and 30+ years of industry-leading innovation, XKL’s Layer 1 optical networking solutions deliver the reliability required to meet even the most exacting customer standards. To learn more about XKL, visit www.xkl.com.

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