Optical Muxponder

DQM 400

 DQM 400 Optical Muxponder

Product Overview

Network managers only need to swap the client optics in order to migrate from 100GE to 400GE. There are no licensing fees or additional costs to enable the 400G channels.

The DQM400-4 utilizes the latest pluggable coherent technologies to enable metro and long-haul connectivity for high-speed data networks. The DQM400-4 system installs in under 30 minutes and is available in 1 rack unit (1U) or 2 rack unit (2U) configurations.

A network based on DQM400-1 systems, 1 400G channel, can grow to 12 channels. Growth starts by adding 3 more client and DWDM transceivers to the DQM400-1, making it a DQM400-4. Growth to 12 channels is accomplished by stacking DQT400-4 systems, and cabling to the expansion ports of the DQM400-4.

The DQM400-4 contains the Mux/ Demux filters and amplifiers that are shared with the DQT400-4 systems. Network administrators can deploy and commission this system in a fraction of the time it takes to deploy traditional optical transport equipment.


  • Zero cost software updates.
  • No licensing fees.
  • Simplicity, reliability, durability.
  • Highly scalable solutions.

Technical Features

Integrated System Architecture:


    • DWDM Solution.
    • 100GE – 400GE.
    • QPSK, 16QAM.
    • Input and Output EDFAs
    • Mux/Demux filter

Client Services:

    • Soft-configurable encapsulations (per port):
    • Ethernet: 100G, 4x100G, 400G,
    • Physical Interface support for:
    • 100GBase-SR4, 100GBase-LR4, 100GBase-DR1, 400GBase-SR8, 400GBase-LR4, 400GBase-DR4

Line Side:

    • 1,2,3,4 or 12 100G/400G DWDM (soft-configurable)
    • Tunable OSFP transceivers


  • 1.6T (DQM400 4-ch), 4.8T (DQM400 12-ch) per system
  • Stack DQT400-4 systems with the DQM400-4 to provide up to 4.8T of total capacity

Stack DQT400-12 systems with the DQM400-12 to provide up to 19.2T of total capacity

Field Replaceable Units:

    • Hot-swap components:
    • 1+1 redundant power supplies, supports AC and DC.
    • Redundant fans.
    • Optical transceivers: QSFP28, QSFP-DD.
    • Field-replaceable C-Band Tunable OSFP transceivers;
    • 400G ZR and 400G ZR+ transceivers supported.
    • Dual flash storage modules; one is write-protected.
    • System-wide watchdog timer to ensure software response.

Supported Topologies:

    • Point-to-Point
    • Ring
    • Linear
    • Protected (DMD-A)

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