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At XKL, we think differently. We take a consultative approach and listen to our customers,  deeply understanding their network expansion and upgrade needs and collaborating to design the ideal optical DWDM solution.

Off-the-shelf DWDM solutions typically come with more features than you need, increasing costs and management requirements — and home-grown solutions create additional points of failure and complexities when it’s time to upgrade.

With XKL, you get an innovative, open and easy-to-manage optical network solution that meets your exact needs with no ongoing licensing fees. Plus, future upgrades are a breeze.


Animated gif describing Statistical Multiplexing and how it helps with data processing across fiber optic networks.

DWDM Capabilities

All of XKL’s DWDM capabilities — spanning transponders, mux/demux filters, amplifiers, OTDR, and more — can be configured into a single compact design (1U or 2U), keeping your CAPEX expenditures low. 

Transponders & Muxponders

DarkStar transponders and muxponders are the backbone of streamlined DWDM solutions. 

Our systems reliably drive data transmission, from 1G to 400G, with ultra-low latency while keeping cost-effectiveness in mind. Featuring state-of-the-art components, our DWDM solutions are built to meet your needs today while setting the stage for seamless expansion and upgrades tomorrow. 

Mux/Demux Filters

Elevate your network infrastructure with XKL multiplexing and demultiplexing filters. 

Combine anywhere from 2 to 96 channels into a single fiber pair, optimize bandwidth utilization and reduce the need for additional physical connections. XKL integrates filters with low insertion loss and high adjacent channel isolation to improve the performance of any DWDM network.


XKL’s active or passive equalizer integrations ensure a consistent power across multiple channels and balance channel/spectrum power levels.

Passive equalizers employ fixed components and offer static compensation suitable for most metro area network applications. Active equalizers use electronic components to continuously adjust optical signals in real-time and are more beneficial when using amplification to span long distances. Our team of specialists will assist you in finding the optimal solution tailored to your needs.


XKL offers a wide range of transceiver types, from short-reach gray devices to long-reach coherent DWDM devices. 

This allows us to provide the most cost-effective solutions. XKL utilizes multi-sources for transceivers to ensure short lead times for builds, and all transceivers are fully tested for quality control. Every XKL system has “hot-swappable” transceivers and are field replaceable.


Transport your data across town, across the state, or across the country using XKL’s simple-to-manage optical amplifier solutions. 

XKL solutions may include Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs) or Raman amplifiers. Our customers can efficiently extend their link distances by deploying low-noise EDFAs in their DWDM system. XKL only uses eye-safe, class 1 Raman amplifiers, allowing you to leverage Raman amplification technology without putting the operator in harm’s way. This provides an extremely cost-effective way for customers to support up to 2,000km link distances. 


XKL DWDM includes the ability to locate faults within your optical network. 

OTDR’s methodology involves sending signals into the optical fiber and meticulously measuring the backscatter’s strength, enabling precise calculations of fiber distance. This empowers our products to pinpoint issues like bad splices and cable breaks helping you and your team immediately respond to any fiber issues and maintain peak network performance. 


Precisely quantify error rates and proactively troubleshoot communication systems, reducing downtime and mitigating costly service disruptions. 

DarkStar products include the capability to utilize a Bit Error Ratio Test (BERT). Performing BERT can also facilitate capacity planning, while enhancing data security by detecting unauthorized interference in secure communication networks.

Note: Utilizing XKL’s integrated BERT capability not only greatly simplifies your testing processes but also saves your business the cost of purchasing a separate test source system, which can run between $5k – $50k.

Open Network Management

XKL products are open and support Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), enabling administrators to easily manage our DWDM solutions in the manner they prefer. Use any vendor-neutral network management application to monitor, or our router-like Command Line Interface (CLI) to configure any network elements of our system. XKL inline amplifiers, muxponders, and transponders are all managed with the same mib and CLI interface.

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Think of XKL as your optical networking experts and let us help you implement the most cost-effective, reliable and future-proofed DWDM solution.

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