XKL Reinvents Long-Haul Networking with Integrated, Easy-to-Use DWDM Amplification and Equalization Solutions

No Safety Training Needed: High-Power Amplification, Monitoring and Equalization Capabilities Deliver Added Reach and Value in XKL’s Open, License-Free, Customizable Networks

REDMOND, Wash. – February 7, 2024 – XKL, a leading optical network solutions provider, today announces the exciting addition of multiple new solutions within its DarkStar line of DWDM products. These new features — Raman amplification, dynamic equalization and optical channel monitoring — expand the applications of XKL’s flexible, built-to-order, no-license-fee DWDM solutions, offering unique advantages for long-haul networks. 

XKL’s 650mW dual-pump, Class 1M Raman amplifiers deliver high-power results, enabling customers with a cost-effective solution that delivers optimal network results at +300km distances when mid-span stages aren’t a viable option. Notably, the Class 1M designation ensures amplification safety and effectiveness without any dedicated deployment training, bringing down barriers to advanced networking. 

XKL’s improved amplifier chain, which offers dynamic equalization and optical channel monitoring, offers the benefit of vendor neutrality, integrating seamlessly with customers’ existing core network and eliminating operational disruption. With XKL, customers can more effectively monitor signal dynamics, identify performance fluctuations and optimize operational performance within their DWDM networks.

To support customers’ business growth goals, XKL adds ease to cost forecasting and delivers industry leading low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with its distinctive no-license-fee network promise. As a result, XKL empowers customers to reduce strain on long-term planning while enjoying easier, more predictable network investment with no hidden costs. This advantage is particularly crucial in an era of unpredictable costs from cloud expenditure and other IT investments. When combined with XKL’s dedication to meeting customers’ exact needs, these new amplification, equalization and monitoring opportunities extend game-changing DWDM benefits to even more network use cases. 

“XKL is here to prove that network deployment, expansion and management doesn’t have to be burdened by complex, larger-than-life solutions with inaccessible operational or financial models. It really can be as easy and as right-sized as customers need it to be,” comments Chad Lamb, Chief Systems Architect at XKL. “By expanding our integrated amplification, equalization and monitoring solutions, we’re building even more power into an easy-to-use network offering that reduces planning and cost complexity while delivering more unique network advantages in both long-haul and local applications.”

XKL will be onsite at NANOG 90, held February 12-14, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Click here to request an onsite meeting or contact customersolutions@xkl.com. 

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